What is the Difference between a Chimney Sweep and an Inspection?
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  • What is the Difference between a Chimney Sweep and an Inspection?

    What is the Difference between a Chimney Sweep and an Inspection?


    When you become a homeowner, you take on a lot of responsibility. Not only do you have to keep the grass mowed and the sidewalks shoveled, but you must also maintain the basic upkeep of the home. The chimney and fireplace are no exceptions.

    While most people will never become chimney experts, they should know the basics when it comes to the care needed to maintain a safe and healthy system. The two main principles to investigate more are chimney sweeping and chimney inspection services.

    Below are the main differences between a chimney sweeping and chimney inspection:

    1. Chimney Sweeping

    A professional chimney sweeping is a key component of a properly-maintained system. During typical chimney sweeping services, the technician will complete the following tasks:

    • Cleaning out any creosote buildup
    • Using a specialized vacuum to clear out ash and dust
    • Basic inspection of the system
    • Removal of any clogs within the flue including bird’s nests and leaves

    2. Chimney Inspection

    Just like we take our cars in for a yearly tune-up, our chimneys need an annual check too. Professional chimney inspection services can expose a number of minor problems before they lead to expensive repairs. Common issues regular chimney inspection services can uncover are:

    • Extensive creosote buildup
    • Water damage
    • Spalling brickwork
    • Cracked chimney lining
    • Damaged chimney crown
    • Clogged flue
    • Defective chimney flashing

    To maintain a healthy system, both a chimney sweeping and a chimney inspection are necessary. A professional chimney company can help you achieve all the tasks required including regular cleanings and inspections. Lindemann Chimney Service offers the best care in the Chicago area. We pride ourselves on the level of excellence we provide. Each of our technicians are licensed and certified to give your home the care it deserves.

    Contact us for more information or to schedule an appointment.

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