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  • What to Do When Your Flashing Fails

    What to Do When Your Flashing Fails


    Are you noticing water coming in through your chimney or around the surrounding walls?  If so, your home could be experiencing flashing issues around the chimney area.  Read on to learn what you should do if your flashing is beginning to fail.Poor Flashing

    Flashing around the chimney is important for the proper sealing of the space where the chimney and roof meet.  Without it, there is no protection between the gap allowing rain and the elements to seep into the home.  Over time, flashing may begin to rust or start to deteriorate.  This compromised flashing could then begin to separate from the chimney or not be sealing properly thus allowing the water to seep into the home through the area.  With a swift response, you can often curtail many of the larger problems that improper flashing can cause.   While this type of repair can be completed by a homeowner, it does require knowledge in the task as well as a comfortableness with heights.  For this reason, many homeowners choose to leave this advanced work to a professional with experience in the industry.

    The solution to any flashing issue will be dependent on the condition of the material itself.  If the flashing is rusted-through or beyond repair, the technician may need to replace the entire flashing piece to fix the issue properly.  If the problem is minor, a specially-formulated sealant can be painted on the area to prevent leaks.  Many homeowners often choose to replace the flashing when a new roof is installed.  This often ensures that the flashing lasts as long as the new roof. 
    If you are experiencing a leaky chimney, contact our team at Lindemann Chimney Service.  With over 40 years of experience in the trade, we can offer the right solution for any of your chimney problems.

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