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  • What You Need to Know About Chimney Rebuilds

    What You Need to Know About Chimney Rebuilds


    When a chimney’s repair needs go beyond simple tuckpointing, a chimney rebuild may be the best next step. If a chimney is neglected over the years, the system becomes compromised. These structural problems can make the fireplace unsafe to use. They can also create water and moisture problems inside the home. When considering a chimney replacement, homeowners should take time to learn more about their options, as well as how best to prevent future problems.

    Here are the three common type of chimney rebuild services:

    • Partial chimney rebuild – A partial rebuild is usually completed on a smaller chimney or sections of a larger chimney. It may include a chimney crown rebuild as well.
    • Roof line up rebuild – When significant deterioration has occurred and tuckpointing is not sufficient, a rebuild from the roof line up may be necessary. A new chimney is constructed from the roof flashing upwards and a new chimney crown added.
    • Complete chimney rebuild – When the entire chimney’s structure is compromised, a complete rebuild is often needed. This may occur when the chimney is leaning, has severe spalling or is experiencing serious mortar deterioration. A complete chimney is constructed adding new brick and mortar to the outer layer of the structure.

    The best chimney rebuild, of course, is the one you can avoid. There are steps you can take today to save yourself the cost and time of completing this major renovation. You can start by installing a quality chimney cap. Chimney caps keep water and moisture out of the flue while preventing leaves and other debris from entering the system. There are caps to match any type of chimney structure from single flue to multi-flue options. Maintaining a proper chimney crown is also important. The crown protects the chimney by preventing water from entering in through small cracks. Unfortunately many crowns are constructed poorly or may lack the structural integrity necessary. One of the best ways to prevent future chimney rebuilds is by waterproofing your system. This simple, yet effective, maintenance service can offer a lasting solution to your moisture problems.

    When looking for a trusted service provider in the North Shore area to handle your chimney rebuild needs, contact the team at Lindemann Chimney Service. Along with chimney sweeping services, we also provide both partial and complete chimney rebuilds. We will take care to only use materials that closely match your existing exterior so your new chimney fits seamlessly with your home. While onsite, our technicians can also waterproof the structure to ensure lasting durability.

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