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  • What’s the Best Type of Wood to Burn in your Fireplace?

    What’s the Best Type of Wood to Burn in your Fireplace?


    When we think of a cozy fireplace, we often picture a warm wood burning unit. One that has the natural aroma of wood and the crackling sounds of burning ambers. Wood burning fireplaces are highly sought after especially in the chilly windy city of Chicago.

    But are you using the best fuel to keep your fireplace burning cleanly and efficiently? The wood you choose can make all the difference when it comes to how enjoyable your fire actually is. Read on to learn more about how to best fuel your own wood burning fireplace.

    The Best Wood to Burn

    Below are what experts recommend as the best wood types for the fireplace:

    • Fireplaces work best when stocked with a seasoned hardwood for burning.
    • Dense hardwoods like maple and oak burn long and also release a lot of heat.
    • Softwoods like poplar, birch, spruce, and pine burst fast and are not optimum fuels for a wood-burning fireplace.

    Easy Steps to a Better Fire

    Here are some wood burning tips for the fireplace:

    • Burn only dried, cured hardwood – the best fuel for the fire.
    • Slightly open bi-fold glass doors when burning. This will allow the heat to radiate throughout the space.
    • Keep smoke away by having the damper all the way open when your fireplace is being used.
    • Build your fire slowly only adding more wood as needed.
    • Burn only firewood! Painted wood, newspaper, and cardboard are not only inefficient fuels but can also release chemical toxins into the air supply.

    If your fireplace is a wood burning unit trust it’s care and upkeep only to the best – Lindemann Chimney Service. We have a professional staff of certified sweeps ready to clean and inspect your Chicago fireplace and service any potential hazards. As an added value to our customers, each of our standard cleanings includes a level 2 NFPA inspection. Contact us today to schedule your appointment.

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