Why Chicago Chimney Sweeps Hate Dirty Chimneys (And You Should, Too!) - Lindemann Chimney Service Co.
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  • Why Chicago Chimney Sweeps Hate Dirty Chimneys (And You Should, Too!)

    Why Chicago Chimney Sweeps Hate Dirty Chimneys (And You Should, Too!)


    There are few things that a professional sweep hates more than a dirty chimney, and it is not just because they are difficult to clean. While it may be more work to brush the debris away, the real reason why there is such disdain for filthy flues is that they take away the homeowner’s enjoyment of their fireplace. We want our customers to be able to relax in front a warm, cozy fire, and when a chimney is too dirty, this is simply impossible. Below are some reasons why Chicago sweeps hate dirty chimneys, and why you should too!

    Dirty chimneys are unsafe. Excessive creosote buildup inside the chimney can make your system unsafe to use. Creosote, a natural byproduct of the burning process, is highly flammable, and when left untreated, can build into a thick glaze lining the flue walls. A simple spark can cause the creosote to catch fire with the potential to spread throughout the rest of the home.

    Dirty chimneys create poor fires. A fireplaces main purpose is to create a warming, relaxing fire for homeowners to enjoy. A dirty chimney may be able to maintain a fire but it is often smoky, weak and simply unenjoyable. Dirty chimneys can lead to both draft and combustion problems impacting the quality of the burn.

    Dirty chimneys pollute the air. Another reason why a dirty chimney can be a problem is that it pollutes the air surrounding it. A dirty chimney can quickly deteriorate the air quality inside the home’s living space. When in use, it can spew ash and soot particles out into the air while also releasing smoke into the space. During the summer months, dirty chimneys also emit an unpleasant smell from the creosote buildup inside.

    At Lindemann Chimney Service, we are diligent about ensuring our customers enjoy a clean, safe chimney. We offer those is the North Shore area and beyond professional chimney sweeping services along with thorough inspections by one of our certified technicians. If you have a dirty chimney, contact our team today to schedule your cleaning appointment.

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