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  • Why Damp Chimneys Mean Trouble For Your Home

    Why Damp Chimneys Mean Trouble For Your Home


    Water Damaged ChimneyA home’s chimney can be plagued by a number of problems, including moisture issues. Water running down the flue or leaks in the attic or roof area are all telltale signs that your chimney may have underlying problems.  While some may try to ignore the situation, doing so can lead to further damage.  In fact, damp chimneys are more than just minor inconveniences.   They can mean real trouble for a home when left unaddressed.

    The first step to addressing a damp chimney is learning more about why this problem occurs.  Leaky chimneys are often the result of cracks within the chimney crown. Although more common in houses built before the 1980’s, this problem can occur in homes of any age. The lack of a chimney cap can also lead to moisture problems. Caps prevent rain water and snow from entering directly into the chimney top.  Lastly, deteriorating flashing can also allow water to enter the system.

    Once the source of the problem is identified, you can then work on addressing the issues.  The repairs necessary will be determined by the extent of the problem.  Sometimes a simple waterproofing solution can be applied to the exterior.   Installing a chimney cap can also be helpful for stopping the leaks while offering protection to the chimney’s interior.  For more extensive damage, a brick or mortar repair may be needed.

    When tackling a damp chimney problem, it is important that homeowners take a proactive approach remedying the issue completely before further damage can occur.  Hiring a trusted professional such a Lindemann Chimney Service to complete the repairs is one of the best ways to ensure that your home receives the care it deserves.  Our technicians have experience working with chimney issues both large and small including moisture problems.  Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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