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  • Why Does a Chimney Need Tuckpointing?

    Why Does a Chimney Need Tuckpointing?


    Chimneys can be one of the most beautiful design features of a home’s exterior.  They add interest and depth to the property’s façade.  And, while chimneys require minimal care, they do need regular maintenance.

    A chimney is constructed of two main materials: bricks and mortar.  Mortar is the “glue” that keeps the bricks in place.  While most bricks with last for a century, mortar has a much shorter lifespan – typically 25 years.  Exposure to harsh conditions and excess water can make it deteriorate even faster.  When this happens water can seep down through the chimney and damage the home.

    Tuckpointing: The Answer to Damaged Mortar

    Tuckpointing is the best repair process to stop the deterioration process and prevent any future damage.  It can also remedy a solution before a complete chimney rebuild is necessary.  Tuckpointing a chimney is the best solution to common mortar problems and helps preserve the life of the chimney itself.

    What you should know about typical tuckpointing services:

    • Old mortar is systematically removed from the chimneys joints.
    • Sweeps replace the old mortar with new mortar that closely resembles the color of the existing bricks.
    • Small lines of putty in a contrasting color of the brick is embedded into the new mortar joints.
    • Tuckpointing nearly erases the signs of brick and mortar damages.
    • This job entails expert precision and is best completed by a trained and experienced professional.

    If you are struggling with a deteriorating chimney, contact the team at Lindemann Chimney Service.  We offer comprehensive tuckpointing services by some of the top chimney experts in the Chicago area.  Our technicians come equipped with all the necessary tools to ensure you stop the damage before it turns into costly repairs.  Contact us today to schedule your consultation.


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