Why Homeowners Should Always Call Professionals for Fireplace & Chimney Problems
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  • Why Homeowners Should Always Call Professionals for Fireplace and Chimney Problems

    Why Homeowners Should Always Call Professionals for Fireplace and Chimney Problems


    We all enjoy our fireplaces and the ambiance they provide. Entering a room with a blazing fire creates a warm and inviting space with a homey feel. But what if we notice some problems or issues with our fireplaces or chimneys? What if the fireplace isn’t performing up to par? Here are some common issues that can develop and the reasons why it’s wise to call in a professional:

    (1) Safety. A professionally inspected and repaired fireplace is the best bet when it comes to your family’s safety. Chimney fires and carbon monoxide poisoning can present very real dangers to your home. The buildup of creosote in the chimney can create a fire hazard, and it’s virtually impossible for a homeowner to thoroughly clean the length of the chimney without professional tools. The best way to ensure your fireplace is free from hazardous by-products is to call in a professional.

    (2) Performance. Dirty chimneys can affect the way your fireplace and chimney perform. The gradual build-up of soot in the chimney can restrict the air flow. The flue becomes thick enough with creosote that there is no longer enough free area to vent the fireplace properly. A professional chimney sweep can give the entire chimney a good cleaning, helping to eliminate the creosote build-up and allow the free-flow of air.

    (3) Access to Professional Tools. Not only do professionals use equipment most homeowners don’t have on hand, but there could be hidden dangers only visible to an expert. A trained professional can use special tools that permit access to tight spaces up the chimney and cleaning of all deposits.  Industrial grade cleaners are used to help clean the lining. A trained eye can also help combat small critters that may have made a home in your chimney.

    (4) Cost Savings. It may be tempting to try to DIY chimney cleaning or repair, but in the long run, neglecting a visit by a professional could cause further damage to not only your fireplace, but your wallet. An expert can help spot damage to your chimney, or issues inside the flue that, left untreated, could cause bigger issues down the line.

    Contact Lindemann today to schedule an inspection or repair. Our professionals are trained and certified, and can help solve any issues with your chimney or fireplace, so you can continue to enjoy your roaring fire for years to come.

    DIY chimney cleaning can only lead to more problems. Contact us next time you need assistance cleaning your chimney or inspecting your masonry.

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