Why Now Might be a Great Time for a Chimney Sweeping Service on your Home
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  • Why Now Might be a Great Time for a Chimney Sweeping Service on your Home

    Why Now Might be a Great Time for a Chimney Sweeping Service on your Home


    If you are like most typical Chicago families, your summer is jam-packed.  Those days from June to August seem to fly by in no time.  While our calendars may be full, there is no time better than now to schedule a professional chimney sweeping.  Getting this basic home task out of the way can set you up for smooth sailing come fall.

    Here are 4 smart reasons to schedule your own chimney sweeping this summer:

    1. Rid Your Home of Summer Odors – If you are noticing an off-putting smell in the home, the culprit could be your chimney. When heavy rains leak into the flue, the rainwater mixes with creosote buildup causing unpleasant odors. The heat and humidity only exacerbate the problem.  Clearing out the creosote can reduce the stink in your living space.
    2. Fix Problems before the Winter Chill – Undetected chimney problems can wreak havoc on a home when you don’t know they are there. And trying to fix them in the dead of winter is no fun for anyone. Completing a chimney sweeping now can uncover any issues your chimney may be experiencing before they turn into costly repairs.  Plus you have the opportunity to resolve them while the weather is still pleasant.
    3. Scheduling Flexibility – Most homeowners schedule their chimney sweeping services during fall and spring. These two seasons are the busiest months for a professional chimney service company. Scheduling your own cleaning during off-peak times gives you more flexibility.  Rather than trying to “squeeze you in”, your chimney partner has a calendar more open to your preferred dates and times.
    4. Check for Pests – Bees, squirrels, birds, and raccoons can all find refuge in your home’s chimney. Building nests and hives, these pests can clog your chimney preventing it from working properly. Catching these animals now is a great way to keep the flue clean come fall and winter.

    At Lindemann Chimney Service, we specialize in chimney sweeping services for customers throughout the northeastern Chicago suburbs.  We are ready to help get your home’s chimney ready for the next season.

    Not only do our standard chimney cleanings include a level 2 NFPA Inspection but our technicians also utilize a Triple Hepa Filter Vacuum the to remove the debris while keeping your living space clean. Schedule your summer chimney sweeping service now!


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