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  • Will Santa Refuse to Enter Your Chimney?

    Will Santa Refuse to Enter Your Chimney?


    Christmas Eve is 25 days away. Will Santa Clause refuse to enter your chimney? Or is it clean and ready for his descent? Having a clean chimney is important not only for Santa, but for everyone who has a chimney. Common problems with chimneys can range from a dirty chimney with potential for a chimney fire, to chimneys that are damaged, leaky or worse yet, stopped up. Sooty Santa

    Chimney fires provide the potential for a house fire. Having the creosote removed not only keeps Santa clean but also removes the “fuel” for the chimney fire.

    A damaged chimney could cause Santa to fall or the chimney to collapse on him as his jolly jelly tummy slides down the chimney, popping bricks loose as he goes. That would be a bad thing. Millions of children would be denied Christmas presents while Santa spent the night in a hospital with an ice pack on his head. Or, at best, the elves, that were partying, would have to jump in and help, possibly delaying the delivery of gifts. Yikes!

    A leaky chimney means a potentially wet Santa. Have you ever worn a Santa suit soaked with stinky creosote? Not pleasant to be around. Even Rudolph would have to fly with a close pin on his lighted red nose. That could lead to hazardous flying conditions.

    Another potential problem is if Santa hits a chimney blockage. You see, right before he ascends up a chimney he takes a deep breath which helps move him up the chimney. When he descends down the chimney he exhales. Because quarters are so tight, he can’t inhale to move himself back up the chimney. This can sadly cause another delay for Santa.

    How do we know all of this? Years of networking with Santa and his Elves. And, we often find notes in chimneys like this “Skipped this house because of dangerous, dirty chimney.”

    So score high with the big guy. Get your chimney cleaned! If you haven’t taken care of this task we can still help you out. Please call us here at Lindemann Chimney Service at 847-739-4199 or click here to make sure you don’t get blacklisted by Santa and his elves.

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